Severino absent again (WTKK)

David Tomm
Wed Sep 28 22:32:12 EDT 2005

It's all about Westwood One getting Severin's new show cleared on a 
Boston station.  If WTKK decides to pick it up, then fine.  However, if 
96.9 is moving on, then Infinity would want to get the show on one of 
their stations, and WBZ would be the obvious place.  I'm sure WBZ would 
keep Sullivan, they'd just bump him to 10-12mid and run Jay on tape 
delay 7-10.

The other interesting theory I've seen floated out there is that maybe 
Infinity/Boston starts up their own FM talker.  It's not that far off 
base when you think about it.  WBCN and WZLX have been getting much 
closer musically over the last year.  WBCN will need a new morning show 
soon and WZLX just got one.  Conceivably you could put the ZLX jocks on 
104.1 and re-launch WBCN as a mainstream rock station similar to 
WHJY/Providence.  That would leave 100.7 open for a talk station.  With 
WTKK rumored to be letting Severin move on and possibly dropping Imus, 
there would be two Westwood One shows ready to start at 100.7.  Then, 
Infinity could make WBZ all news 24/7 and move their talk programming 
and the Bruins over to the FM as well.  It would be a crowded talk 
field in Boston but the demos would be desirable for Infinity and who 
knows, they could chase WTKK or WRKO out of the format eventually.  I 
know it sounds Joe Gallant-ish, but it would make sense on several 
different levels...

Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Sep 28, 2005, at 7:49 AM, Paul B. Currier wrote:

> I don't understand the rumored Severio to 'BZ - is BZ/Infinity unhappy 
> with
> either of their night timers both of whom I enjoy very much?  Any 
> further
> info on this?
> Paul
> Sandwich

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