Severino absent again (WTKK)

Bob Nelson
Mon Sep 19 15:28:52 EDT 2005

Jim Severino, heard as "Jay Severin" on WTKK, got a new job the other
day--doing a weekday talk show for Infinity, "Jay Severin Has Issues",
which will start in January. No word yet on what station will carry
it, though; Severin's contract with Greater Media expires at the end
of the year. WTKK is the affiliate for Westwood One/Infinity shows,
but would WBZ run Severin?
Or maybe even WRKO? (They could tape delay him and put him on at 10 pm
after live
Howie Carr and slightly tape-delayed Savage.)

Meanwhile, the Globe's Scot Lehigh attacked Severin for a "phony
Pulitzer" claim in his
Friday column and Severin was made fun of by Howie Carr that day.
Severin himself
was absent from his show Friday (live Hannity aired instead). Surely
he could talk about all this today, right? Nope--Hannity's on again.

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