Syndicated Show En Espagnol To Air In Boston

Laurence Glavin
Thu Sep 15 18:04:48 EDT 2005

According to David Hinckley's column in the NY Daily News for September
14th, a morning show on WSKQ-FM 979 will be syndicated starting 
October 1st.  It's called "El Vacilon de la Manana" and is hosted by
Luis Kimenez and "Moonshadow".  I tust that it must be a fairly
high-rated program to go into syndication.  Hinckley says that
three of the markets picking up the show are Philadelphia, 
Hartford and Boston.  BOSTON?  Hmmmm.  The 890 frequency is 
no longer Hispanic, which leaves only 1330, 1550 or 1600 unless
some other station flips by October.


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