Syndicated Show En Espagnol To Air In Boston

Dan Strassberg
Thu Sep 15 18:34:45 EDT 2005

I think the Costa stations count as Boston properties for this purpose. One
of them--800--is actually audible during the daytime where I live--about 10
miles northwest of downtown Boston. WSRO would also count. And you forgot
WAZN and WLYN. Indeed, you forgot WROL, which has attracted a reasonably
large following of Spanish speakers as a result of carrying the Red Sox in
Spanish. WROL runs Spanish programming in the evenings, but so far not in AM
drive. However, I think Salem would probably run anything (except left-wing
talk programs or maybe Howard Stern, Mancow Mueller, or Bubba the Love
Sponge) if the program syndicator paid them enough.

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> According to David Hinckley's column in the NY Daily News for September
> 14th, a morning show on WSKQ-FM 979 will be syndicated starting
> October 1st.  It's called "El Vacilon de la Manana" and is hosted by
> Luis Kimenez and "Moonshadow".  I tust that it must be a fairly
> high-rated program to go into syndication.  Hinckley says that
> three of the markets picking up the show are Philadelphia,
> Hartford and Boston.  BOSTON?  Hmmmm.  The 890 frequency is
> no longer Hispanic, which leaves only 1330, 1550 or 1600 unless
> some other station flips by October.
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