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> A friend from Ohio was in town the other day so I drove him around and
> we talked. We grabbed a picture of what we guessed was the tower for
> WXRV in Haverhill (and maybe WCCM AM 1490, too!), then I went into
> downtown and found 30 How St., headquarters of "the River".. Big huge
> sign saying WHAV outside  (in a kind of vintage font)! Yes, of course
> they used to also own WHAV 1490 which these days is Costa-Eagle's
> Methuen-based WCCM. The WHAV calls disappeared from 1490 in 2002, and
> from what I can gather there is currently no WHAV on AM or FM
> anywhere.
> There is a "WHAV.net" site which somebody stumbled upon (webcast
> station), and I notice they do have a nice history of WHAV (and
> "WHAV-FM", which later became WLYT and then WXRV):
> http://www.whav.net/vintage.html
I want to applaud (probably posthumously) all the bus riders
who objected to being a "captive audience".
I'm in favor of removing all bad recorded material from 
public places;  let the Phillistines use iPods.


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