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On 15 Sep 2005 at 0:12, Bob Nelson wrote:

> There is a "WHAV.net" site which somebody stumbled upon (webcast
> station), and I notice they do have a nice history of WHAV (and
> "WHAV-FM", which later became WLYT and then WXRV):
> http://www.whav.net/vintage.html

That is an interesting site.  However, it's not quite correct that WHAV-FM returned to the air 
in 1958.  When I got my first FM radio in December 1958, WHAV-FM wasn't there.  I first 
discovered it sometime in 1959.   At that point, it was doing mostly separate programs from 
WHAV-AM.  In fact, at first, I didn't realize there was a WHAV-AM.  The programming was 
largely beautiful music. 

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