Music Industry Asking For Radio To Pay For Play

Tue Nov 22 10:45:45 EST 2005

SteveOrdinetz wrote:

>It never ceases to amaze me how the music industry keeps shooting 
>itself in the foot.  All it will take to kill this is for one of the 
>large groups (CC, Infinity) to refuse to go along.  I hope they do it.
Or, they may decide to announce that all music played is "compensated" and bill each record company (legally) for having played their music.

>On another related note, I read somewhere about Sony having put some
>sort of hard to detect, harder to remove spyware into their CDs that 
>will automatically load if you try to play them in a PC.  Apparently 
>it was an attempt to make the music copy-proof.  I understand that 
>several lawsuits have been filed.

It is true, they essentially did this.  However, they initially did not inform the purchaser/user that the software was being installed. Later CDs had miniscule fine print informing the user that it would happen and that could circumvent it by not placing the CD in their computer.  The hue & cry over this resulted in Sony/BMG discontinuing the practice, although there are an untold number of CDs in the retail chain that still contain this little bugger.  Sony has supplied a program that will remove the offending software.

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