Music Industry Asking For Radio To Pay For Play

John Francini
Tue Nov 22 10:55:14 EST 2005

> >On another related note, I read somewhere about Sony having put some
> >sort of hard to detect, harder to remove spyware into their CDs that
> >will automatically load if you try to play them in a PC.  Apparently
> >it was an attempt to make the music copy-proof.  I understand that
> >several lawsuits have been filed.
> It is true, they essentially did this.  However, they initially did not
> inform the purchaser/user that the software was being installed. Later CDs
> had miniscule fine print informing the user that it would happen and that
> could circumvent it by not placing the CD in their computer.  The hue &
> cry over this resulted in Sony/BMG discontinuing the practice, although
> there are an untold number of CDs in the retail chain that still contain
> this little bugger.  Sony has supplied a program that will remove the
> offending software.

However, said program doesn't work right in many cases. Also, the original
spyware has been classified as 'malicious software' by all the anti-virus
software companies, such as McAfee and Symantec.

Makes me all the more glad that I only use Macs for all my personally-owned
computers. They're immune to every last one of the PC viruses.

John Francini

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