Al Franken

R Trovato
Tue Nov 15 13:58:20 EST 2005

> > Meanwhile AAR has resorted to begging
> Actually, they are developing revenue streams from their listeners,
> just like Limboob and O"Really do on their websites.  The methodology
> is different but the result is the flowing from listeners
> to the syndicator.

No, it's more like Public Radio and TV.

>From what I understand the Limbaugh and O'Reilley web sites are run by the
talent for the talent as a separate venture.  (Much like them writing a
book, etc.)

Money flowing from listeners to the talent.

(With O'Reilley's Web fees going to charity.)

>   The network is repaying the loan in good
> faith but I wouldn't be surprised to see them sue Cohen for the
> balance.  Sorry right wingers, this "story" just isn't sticking after
> months of misinformation on conservative blogs.

.....right-wing, doesn't's just "odd" that
they would need to get a loan from the Boys Club...and not the traditional
sources that most do.  Possible because they couldn't get loans the
traditional ways, due to their tightrope financial position.

In any event, it's a pretty big risk for the Boy's Club (a charity) to lend
money to broadcaster with very little track record....and whatever financial
track record they had at the time.....had been bad.

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