Al Franken

David Tomm
Tue Nov 15 13:40:11 EST 2005

On Nov 15, 2005, at 1:01 PM, Bob Nelson wrote:

> But some of their most "successful" shows didn't come from the AAR
> stable, they came from Jones (Steph Miller, Ed Schulz). Still on air
> but not exactly pulling WRKO- or WTKK-style numbers.

Franken and Rhodes aren't too far behind in the affiliate count in 
comparison to Shultz and both have far more stations than Miller.
Also, WKOX/WXKS doesn't have nearly the signal coverage of a WRKO or 
WTKK so you can't expect them to compete with them at this point.  It 
will be interesting to see what happens when WKOX finally makes the 
move to Newton and goes to 50,000 watts.

> Meanwhile AAR has resorted to begging

Actually, they are developing revenue streams from their listeners, 
just like Limboob and O"Really do on their websites.  The methodology 
is different but the result is the flowing from listeners 
to the syndicator.

> and they had to "borrow" (read: steal) money from needy boys and girls 
> in NYC. (See
> Michelle Malkin and Radio Equalizer.)

You mean Evan Cohen, a former Republican operative, and former CEO of 
the company who no longer has any connection to the new management of 
Air America, took the loan.   The network is repaying the loan in good 
faith but I wouldn't be surprised to see them sue Cohen for the 
balance.  Sorry right wingers, this "story" just isn't sticking after 
months of misinformation on conservative blogs.

> Franken has a mere 12.5 million  fewer listeners than Rush.

And a lot less stations as well.  How many listeners/stations did Rush 
have a year and a half into his show?  Probably not anywhere close to 
what he has now.

--Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas

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