Dick Gordon To Host Show From North Carolina

Larry Weil kc1ih@mac.com
Sat Nov 5 16:48:52 EST 2005

At 04:28 PM 11/5/2005, Dan Strassberg wrote:

>Acoustic music, such as WUMB et al carries by day, is on so few stations
>that there probably are no valid statistics on the generosity (or lack
>thereof) of acoustic-music listeners. Still, it would be interesting to know
>how the acoustic-music audience compares in giving to the jazz audience.
>Although, one might think that the acoustic audience skews younger (and is
>hence less affluent) than the jazz audience, this may, in fact, not be true.

Acoustic music can have more than one definition.  The music that 
WERS carries in the morning is considered acoustic, but it is much 
different than what is carried on WUMB, which might be considered to 
cater more to "old folkies".  I'm sure that in the morning the 
audience for WERS skews much younger than that for WUMB.

There is a parallel for this in the satellite world.  XM has two 
channels chat can be considered to be acoustic music.  "The Village" 
carries older folk music while "The Loft" plays newer folk and 
acoustic rock.  Boos to Sirius which recently canceled it's 
"Folktown" channel in favor of a new channel called "Coffee House", 
which is supposedly acoustic rock but in reality is hard to figure 
out, with lots of Jazz and other stuff mixed in.  I think they are 
hoping this will appeal to some of the new subscribers they are 
getting with the onset of Howard Stern.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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