Dick Gordon To Host Show From North Carolina

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I've read that, nationwide (not necessarily just in Boston, in fact, not
necessarily in Boston at all), jazz listeners are the most niggardly with
their financial support of public radio. Even classical-music listeners are
more generous and news-talk listeners are supposed to be the most generous
of all groups that support public radio. So if public-radio stations reduce
the amount of time during which they air jazz, they are--allegedly, at
least--reacting to a failure of jazz listeners to support their preferred
kind of programming. Satellite radio anyone? Podcasts, anyone?

Acoustic music, such as WUMB et al carries by day, is on so few stations
that there probably are no valid statistics on the generosity (or lack
thereof) of acoustic-music listeners. Still, it would be interesting to know
how the acoustic-music audience compares in giving to the jazz audience.
Although, one might think that the acoustic audience skews younger (and is
hence less affluent) than the jazz audience, this may, in fact, not be true.

Heck, it might be interesting to find out how the giving of the three or
four other opera devotees (besides Mr Glavin) in Greater Boston compares
with the giving by devotees of orchestral music. My guess is that the
opera-listener numbers are so minuscule that each person would have to give
many times his/her annual income for public-radio stations to get support
for opera equal in dollars to the (none-too-great) support they receive for
orchestral classical music.

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> And stick it to the Jazz listeners on WGBH?  They'de probably just
> take away another hour of Jazz, given their history.
> Larry Weil
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