Ahhhh!! Boston TV Memories!!

Gregory Costa temporalorbit@hotmail.com
Wed Nov 2 16:11:02 EST 2005

Well, I'm not involved in the broadcast industry in any way, 

I grew up in Massachusetts during the 70's and 80's and loved watching such 
shows as WLVI's "Creature Double Feature", WSBK's "Movie Loft", etc.

Well, I moved to North Carolina in 1994 and have been feeling somewhat 
nostalgic, of late.

So, I was wondering if anyone has archived any video footage or audio 
recordings of the theme music and intros to the following programs?

"Creature Double Feature"
"WSBK - Matinee Movie"
"WSBK - Movie Loft"

I believe WSBK also had a late-nite mystery or chiller movie of some sort, 
as well.

This is purely for my own collection and will not be reproduced in any 

- Greg

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