Molori, Scott's Shots on Theo-gate, Eddie A's last show

Bob Nelson
Wed Nov 2 14:34:32 EST 2005

A special edition of Molori's Media Blitz on the Theo situation and
Eddie Andleman's last show, a soldiers' home benefit in Chelsea (tomorrow
2-4 pm on Air America 1510--I mean, Classic Country 1510--I mean
La Mega 1510--I mean Dollar-A-Holler-Preachers 1510--though one Sporting News
Radio "source" told Molori that the SNR network was concentrating on
itself and its
L.A. station now and might be able to re-energize WWZN later...)

And some Scott's Shots commentary on Theo's press conf. today.
Surely all this will be forgotten in a week or two when Theo is
introduced by Frank ("I'm Not The Author Of Angela's Ashes") McCourt
as the new Dodgers GM (just kidding...I think)

Oh, and I guess that Globe ban on its writers appearing on WEEI has ended
with Dan Shaughnessy showing up on Dennis and Callahan?

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