Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 9, Issue 154

Larry Weil
Mon May 30 09:55:19 EDT 2005

At 08:51 AM 5/30/2005, Keating Willcox wrote:

>back to radio - we had Hightower on for a while and some other liberal 
>hosts, and their shows were great, but the production values were very 
>thin. Poor audio, poor production, and a somber political attitude that 
>minimized humor. Can the left be funny? Sure. Look at the collected works 
>of Hunter S. Thompson. He was always hysterical, and a strong voice 
>against war and Republicans. If I had to run a left-wing talk show 
>network, I would have a series of light hearted, Imus like, muckrakers, 
>with lots of Limbaugh style parody and Stern style pranks. And I would get 
>the enormous untapped audience of progressives that have only NPR  and AA 
>to listen to.

So, you are saying that to be successful, left wing political talk has to 
be funny?  Is right wing political talk only successful when it's funny?  I 
think as long as it's interesting, political talk of any stripe can be 
successful, it doesn't need to be a laugh-a-minute, or constantly 
ridiculing those with other viewpoints.

Larry Weil
Temporarily in Lake Wobegone, ME
Wobegone is a state of mind! 

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