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Keating Willcox
Mon May 30 08:51:13 EDT 2005

At 01:02 AM 5/30/2005, you wrote:
I believe it was Pat Robertson and Falwell.

But that's how religious freedom works in this country.

You are entitled to believe in any crazy thing that you want.

(And, people will disavow most of the nutty things you say, as was the case
with this.  Robertson has very little standing in the Republican Party and

These guys are caricatures, and say a lot of stuff that is quite embarrassing.

The roots of all Islamic terrorism are the long standing enmity between 
Islam and the rest of the world, starting with the crusades, and amplified 
by their new enormous wealth and technology. But Europeans have been at war 
with Islam since well before 1960 when most of Africa was freed, and the 
war continues with any country that offends or antagonizes them. The 
horrendous Islamic censorship of its own people with fatwa rulings and 
terror homicides of courageous writers and journalists has nothing to do 
with Western immorality, and everything to do with the harshness of Islam 
against any of its critics.

The left here is not guilty of being negative to the right, their radio 
shows are guilty of being boring, of giving Islamic terrorists a pass due 
to mistaken notions of political correctness, and of a bizarre condemnation 
of Israel that totally baffles me. How is it that all the main liberal 
church denominations of the US are now trying to divest from Israel???

back to radio - we had Hightower on for a while and some other liberal 
hosts, and their shows were great, but the production values were very 
thin. Poor audio, poor production, and a somber political attitude that 
minimized humor. Can the left be funny? Sure. Look at the collected works 
of Hunter S. Thompson. He was always hysterical, and a strong voice against 
war and Republicans. If I had to run a left-wing talk show network, I would 
have a series of light hearted, Imus like, muckrakers, with lots of 
Limbaugh style parody and Stern style pranks. And I would get the enormous 
untapped audience of progressives that have only NPR  and AA to listen to.


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