Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 9, Issue 154
Mon May 30 20:06:08 EDT 2005

Larry Weil wrote:
> >
> So, you are saying that to be successful, left wing political talk has to
> be funny?  Is right wing political talk only successful when it's funny?
> I
> think as long as it's interesting, political talk of any stripe can be
> successful, it doesn't need to be a laugh-a-minute, or constantly
> ridiculing those with other viewpoints.

I think his point was that in order to be successful, left wing political
talk has to be ENTERTAINING...approach topics with a sense of humor.  For
a network made up of so many "comedians", AA is anything but...what skits
they introduce seem to be more mean spirited than anything.  Jerry
Williams was pretty liberal for his day yet managed to be entertaining at
the same time.  Today's crop of political talk radio (right as well as
left) takes itself way too seriously.  In order to reach anyone but the
hard-core true believers AA is going to have to be less their
credit they seem to be moving in that direction axing some of the more
dreadful hosts.

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