could someone explain this to me?

Sun May 29 11:46:43 EDT 2005

You say he was the "king of conspiracy theorists" like that is a bad thing. 
One man's conspiracy is another man's awareness. And without conspiracy 
theories or questioning investigation, there would be no true journalism. 
While I don't know the exact comment that Harder made which you are 
referring to, I will only say that it was Clinton's anti-terrorism bill that 
started all of this - a precursor to Bush's PATRIOT Act. The difference was 
that Clinton's was a domestic terror bill which tracked people he didn't 
particularly like and now the PATRIOT Act tracks both foreign and domestic 
people that Bush doesn't like. It was Clinton's bill - written and 
introduced before the Oklahoma City bombing - which started our nation on 
the road that it has been on - curbing our freedoms, tracking people, 
encouraging transponders in everything from clothing, to cars, to IDs, hence 
what may be the reasoning for 'Hilary wants to implant citizens ...' It may 
have been a conspiracy in 1996 but it is FACT now. You can't buy a GM car 
without a black box tracking device in it which reportedly records your GPS 
location, speed at any given time, use of brakes, potentially causes of 
accidents, etc. Why has GM installed these boxes? Now, this isn't OnStar; 
these boxes are installed whether you want OnStar or not. You can't buy a 
shirt in some WalMarts without an RFID transmitter in the tag. Now we have 
the REAL ID Act, which sailed through both houses under the guise of 
protecting us from illegal aliens. Do a Google on biometric chips and see 
that, wow, there are people injecting themselves with chips and there is 
even legislation which proposes injecting Alzheimer's patients with 
transponder chips. A Bible reader and smart person like yourself Donna 
should be able to see the significance of all of this without placing 
partisan blame. It's both sides who have brought us to where we are.

Have you noticed that there seem to be cameras everywhere? After 
reconstruction of Route 3, I noticed all these new utility poles being built 
along the road with half black globes atop them. I called the Highway Dept. 
to find out what they were and they wouldn't tell me. After a bunch of phone 
calls, I finally got someone in PR who said that the poles were new cameras 
from a Homeland Security grant. As part of the 2004 Democratic convention, 
thousands of cameras were built to "protect" the conventioneers yet the 
police are using them to watch over the city. In a story in the Boston 
Herald after the convention, a reporter asked, When are the cameras coming 
down? Never, said Commissioner O'Toole.

Lastly, I would add that it was Clinton [with help from the Republicans] who 
rammed through the Telecom Bill which has brought us to the point where we 
are as far as radio markets: A vast wasteland of audio alcohol doing nothing 
to inform or educate the public about anything. So bad is it that some folks 
are allowed to brainwash people three hours a day with complete lies with no 
balance at all. Don't forget Donna: It was Clinton [and other Democrats like 
Rep. Ed Markey] who brought our industry to this. I would add that it was 
Clinton [again, with help from the Republicans] who sent the low-skilled 
decent wage jobs overseas with those bad trade deals which has hurt the 
bottom rung of our society and therefore our economy, beyond repair. Much of 
this has hurt small market radio stations which relied on mom and pop stores 
for ads to survive. Without those ads, they can't hire folks to tell the 
small market stories or discuss the local issues because they can't afford 
the local talent. What do they do? They turn to the bird which blast in the 
unanswered propoganda again because they can't afford the local talent.

Anthony Schinella
News Director/A&E Host at WKXL 1450
Celebrating Concord, N.H. & the Capital Region
with thoughtful community radio
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>While I tend to agree with Donna on this list and her opinions, I just want 
>to note one thing here: I never heard Chuck Harder imply that Clinton 
>murdered Vince Foster or killed other people with whom he disagreed.

I heard him say various things that skated perilously close to accusing the
Clintons of being involved in Foster's tragic death.  And I also heard him
say that Hillary wanted to implant citizens with computer chips (!) because
her goal was to track citizens like laboratory rats... I've got that one on
tape... Mr Harder was the king of conspiracy theorists. 

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