could someone explain this to me?

Donna Halper
Sun May 29 19:19:32 EDT 2005

Tony wrote--

>A Bible reader and smart person like yourself Donna should be able to see 
>the significance of all of this without placing partisan blame. It's both 
>sides who have brought us to where we are.

Umm, I think, as often happens in a prolonged discussion, that I've been 
misconstrued.  I don't think I said or implied that only one side is right 
and one side is wrong.  We had a specific discussion about Michael Savage 
and about Chuck Harder and about Al Franken and Randi Rhodes.  But I was 
not in any way saying that one side has it all right and the other side has 
it all wrong.  I believe I've said repeatedly that I deplore the extremes 
on both sides and find the accusations, shouting, and over the top rhetoric 
very difficult to take.  But some of what has been happening recently 
definitely IS partisan because one party controls both the executive branch 
and the congress.  On the other hand, there were plenty of things Clinton 
did that I wasn't happy about-- especially the Telecom Act.  He said later 
that he felt congress, which by that time was in the hands of Republicans 
and pro-business Democrats, was gonna over-ride him if he vetoed it, but he 
should have taken more of a stand when he had a chance.

That having been said, I still can't buy some of Chuck Harder's theories, 
and when hosts make accusations without any proof whatsoever, even though I 
understand it's a rhetorical device, it still bugs me.

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