could someone explain this to me?

Sat May 28 23:37:15 EDT 2005

While I tend to agree with Donna on this list and her opinions, I just want 
to note one thing here: I never heard Chuck Harder imply that Clinton 
murdered Vince Foster or killed other people with whom he disagreed.
All Harder ever noted was that there were discrepencies with the evidence 
about Foster's "suicide" - the condition of his body when found in Ft. Marcy 
Park, the rug and hair fibers on his persons at the time his body was 
discovered, a suicide note that was ripped up and found at the White House 
that was not in his hand script, the alleged relationship with Hillary, and 
the problems at the Rose Law Firm where they both worked. I can't imagine 
that anyone would kill themselves over a silly editorial in the WSJ but that 
is the standard assumption. There is a lot of cryptic evidence about the 
Foster incident. None of it points to the Clintons killing him ... but none 
of it points to suicide either. On one of my talk shows after the incident, 
I interviewed a witness who said he saw men in suits around the area hours 
before Foster's body was "discovered" by the FBI. I've read two books on the 
subject and it has always seemed pretty weird to me.
All Harder ever noted was that there were a number of people around the 
Clinton's who mysteriously died - and there were a lot - known as "The 
Clinton Death List." Now, were there as many as Bush? Not if you include the 
thousands who have died from the foolish invasion of Iraq.
For many years, many of them during the Clinton years, I've listened to 
Harder and I don't recall him every implying that Clinton killed anyone. I 
do recall him taking great risks to allow some interesting - and yes, 
wacko - people on the air to express their viewpoints which may not be the 
same as ours. Which is what a challenging host should do. Of course, this 
cost him everything too.

Anthony Schinella
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At 01:37 PM 5/28/2005 -0400, Bob Nelson wrote:
>And by the way, since "Clinton-bashing" on talk radio was brought up,
>and it did indeed occur, I must admit I haven't see the kind of
>vitriol from the Right when Clinton was in power

Excuse me?????  Rush was calling for his impeachment every ten
minutes.  Other talkers were calling him the worst president ever, a
disagrace, etc.  Extreme right talkers like Chuck Harder implied he had
murdered Vince Foster and killed other people with whom he
disagreed.  Whether you were a Clinton fan or not, he never murdered anyone
and his sexual sins were not the worst thing a human being has ever
done.  Right wing radio was excessive in demonising him, and they still do
it even today.  And yes, Bob, I do agree many left wing talkers are equally
fervent in their hyperbole about Bush, but I don't hear lefties saying he
personally murdered anyone... they dispute why we went into Iraq and they
dispute his policies.  But I absolutely did hear right wing hosts bashing
Clinton over and over and over-- and I thought they really mis-led their
audience by doing so. 

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