could someone explain this to me?

Donna Halper
Sat May 28 13:50:26 EDT 2005

At 01:37 PM 5/28/2005 -0400, Bob Nelson wrote:
>And by the way, since "Clinton-bashing" on talk radio was brought up,
>and it did indeed occur, I must admit I haven't see the kind of
>vitriol from the Right when Clinton was in power

Excuse me?????  Rush was calling for his impeachment every ten 
minutes.  Other talkers were calling him the worst president ever, a 
disagrace, etc.  Extreme right talkers like Chuck Harder implied he had 
murdered Vince Foster and killed other people with whom he 
disagreed.  Whether you were a Clinton fan or not, he never murdered anyone 
and his sexual sins were not the worst thing a human being has ever 
done.  Right wing radio was excessive in demonising him, and they still do 
it even today.  And yes, Bob, I do agree many left wing talkers are equally 
fervent in their hyperbole about Bush, but I don't hear lefties saying he 
personally murdered anyone... they dispute why we went into Iraq and they 
dispute his policies.  But I absolutely did hear right wing hosts bashing 
Clinton over and over and over-- and I thought they really mis-led their 
audience by doing so.

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