could someone explain this to me?

Bob Nelson
Sat May 28 13:37:54 EDT 2005

And by the way, since "Clinton-bashing" on talk radio was brought up,
and it did indeed occur, I must admit I haven't see the kind of
vitriol from the Right when Clinton was in power that I do see now
from the Left with Bush. Did we ever see protest signs or bumper
stickers reading "Clinton is Hitler"? Were there T-shirts saying "Save
America, Kill a Democrat"?

Also: shows like Sean Hannity have been coming down on liberals who
bash the President for this reason: we're at war and the world sees
all this anti-Bush
rhetoric, and we are pictured as being divided. He feels the troops
(most of them, anyway) are dismayed by people who say they support the
troops, but not the man leading them, the commander-in-chief. Sure, we
can disagree with him on how the war is being fought, but the
anti-Bush vitriol makes us look divided to those overseas.
That's what people like Hannity are pointing out.

Let me finish, by the way, by saying this on our Memorial Day Weekend:
many in our military fought for our freedom over the years. Some are
still with us like my Dad, 84 years old and living on Cape Cod. And
some gave the supreme sacrifice.
"All gave some...some gave all..."

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