could someone explain this to me?

Bob Nelson
Sat May 28 13:25:53 EDT 2005

Donna wrote:

>>I don't know what you have been listening to, but I listen to Al Franken and Ed Schultz.  I have never heard either one insult Christianity.  In fact, both have had ministers on their shows, and both try to expose the audience to a variety of views.  

Well, that's good. There is a faction of the Left that views Christianity as hateful, though (and sometimes certain Christians can be: I remember some of the vitriol after the death of Matthew Sheppard). A messageboard (for the Randi Rhodes show, I think) had posts about an Ohio Air America affiliate (for barely a month) suddenly switching to religious music after being sold
and someone said it was taken over by the "Christo-fascists". Oh
please; so they're a bunch of religious Nazis? Maybe some religious
folks (of any sect) are extreme (think about 9/11), but some aren't.

I'm not all that religious but I hope we can respect those who are. We need to find a middle ground here.
Tolerate others' religious views, unless they're extreme enough
to provoke hatred or violence. (And, getting back to radio...) if
Franken does have religious leaders on and doesn't mock those of
a religious bent, then, great.

It is good if some guests appear on talk shows with a perspective not often heard. For example, liberal black activists have been
heard regularly on talk shows, and I have heard some conservative
black voices represented on Sean Hannity's show, such as Niger
and Roy Innis of the Congress for Racial Equality. Sean has had
debates between liberal and conservative blacks about racial issues.
Laura Ingraham has had some liberal activists on and debates them, 
etc., and I'm not sure all conservative hosts would do that. Maybe
some liberal activists are contacted by talk hosts to be guests but they refuse, fearing they'll be shouted down.

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