could someone explain this to me?

Steve West
Sat May 28 01:38:44 EDT 2005

Hang on everybody... I asked you all to take my comments in context, not 
tear me apart for my observation.  I know Randi Rhodes has been very one 
sided.  Franken I've only heard a few times but due to my work schedule I'm 
able to catch Randi Rhodes on my breaks daily.  Franken probably did do some 
fair bits when I wasn't listening.

I don't see you guys sticking up for Rhodes.

Look, I had a well thought out arguement to post here to support my 
comments, but much like my boston radio board, I don't allow that stuff to 
go on because tempers flare. So I'll back out gracefully with apologies to 
Garrett for stirring the pot.

Sorry to offend.  I don't agree with most of the opinions expressed by all 
on AAR but that's no reason to make enemies here.

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