could someone explain this to me?

Donna Halper
Fri May 27 18:46:21 EDT 2005

>Steve also wrote--
>The unabashed hatred and contempt for President Bush, Christians, 2nd 
>amendment advocates, pro-lifers and all things Republican wears people out.

I don't know what you have been listening to, but I listen to Al Franken 
and Ed Schultz.  I have never heard either one insult Christianity.  In 
fact, both have had ministers on their shows, and both try to expose the 
audience to a variety of views.  But yes, a lot of people who are from the 
left and from a moderate viewpoint feel that the ultra-right wing has 
hijacked the Republican party and are now trying to impose their own views 
on the rest of us.  So, we are not supposed to comment about that?

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