could someone explain this to me?

Donna Halper
Sat May 28 02:30:04 EDT 2005

>Steve wrote--
>I don't see you guys sticking up for Rhodes.

Nothing to stick up for.  My point in my original post was not about one 
host is good and another is bad.  I was just trying to do some analysis of 
the ratings bump Michael Savage got this past book.  But whenever I ask 
about a conservative host, I tend to arouse the conservatives on the list 
who think I am being critical.  That was not the reason I asked in the 
first place-- I just was curious about why Savage, who gets angrier and 
angrier, got some good numbers, and other right wing hosts did not.  As for 
Randi Rhodes, she will be analysed as soon as AAR is on with good signals 
in a few more markets.  I'm also keeping an eye on the progress of Ed 
Schultz, who seems to be on the air in more cities than AAR at this point 
and has attracted some media buzz-- he too is a moderate and doesn't insult 
anyone.  I love to analyse talk show hosts, whether right wing or left wing 
or whatever, but I do try to avoid sweeping generalities about "the left" 
and "the right".   And seriously, in defence of Al Franken, I find his show 
to be very balanced and seldom unkind.  Yes he has a left-wing viewpoint, 
but he isn't nasty about it.  He's a comedian.  He tries to use humour and 
he tries to have a wide range of guests.  I respect that.     

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