could someone explain this to me?

Steve West
Fri May 27 16:08:17 EDT 2005

>My question is not so much about whether any of you agree or disagree with 
>Michael Savage.  It's more about radio programming, and airing a show that 
>features what, in my opinion, are some rather hateful rants. Savage is 
>certainly the most controversial of all the right wing talk hosts, which in 
>and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing-- controversy can attract 
>listeners.  But what worries me is that he says some of the most bigoted 
>things I have ever heard.

But Donna, just about all speech is supposed to be protected under the 
Constitution.  If the Leftists on AAR can air a skit featuring someone 
shooting President Bush (one thing that really IS illegal speech), why can't 
Savage spew some of his more hateful ramblings?  Can't have one thing 
without allowing another, unless we wish to ban all speech.

>So what is the reason why his show seems to be growing in popularity, and 
>what does that say about what the public wants?

Well, Please take my commetns in-context.

You do bring up a very good point, which is proven, by the way... that 
Americans are polarized more than at any time in our past, and that there 
doesn't seem to be any room for a fair and balanced discussion in talk 
radio, but I'd argue that one can, if he/she uses facts and a respectful 
tone, get a fair shake on most of the conservative talk shows.  Certainly 
not Howie Carr or Michael Savage, but most others including and especially 
Sean Hannity would hear them out.  Aaaah, David Brudnoy is missed more each 
and every day.  There was a man who would engage in a civil discussion with 
both sides...

Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and others on AAR certainly are talented 
individuals, however, they have a problem... they are all negative, 24/7.  
There is NEVER, under any circumstances even one fair or kind word ever 
spoken about even one small issue or person connected with Conservatives.  
The unabashed hatred and contempt for President Bush, Christians, 2nd 
amendment advocates, pro-lifers and all things Republican wears people out.  
Even those of us who don't care for the president's policies and who do 
think we went to war with the wrong country are sickened by this continual 
bash-fest.  I don't know about you guys... but I can't listen more than 5 
minutes without wanting to scream.   I'm no big lover of the G.O.P., but I 
am patriotic and take offense to most of Franken, et al's agenda.

It occurs to me that 'what the public wants' changes quite often.  Look at 
the ratings - sheesh, what a fickle audience, where today's hot radio format 
is outdated in little more than a year.  How about ol' Doug Tracht, aka "The 
Greaseman".  He had decent ratings till just ONE bad utterance.  Bye Bye, 
he's not even on anyone's radar anymore (was he ever on in Boston?).  I 
think people have a sense of humor and a tolerance for the absurd, such as 
some of Savage's ramblings.  It's when they go too far that people quit 
listening and ratings drop.  Apparently, on a nation-wide basis, Savage 
knows, or thinks he knows he can say things that boarder on racism and get 
away with it up to a point.

Frankly, I'm amazed he's still on the air.

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