could someone explain this to me?

Bill O'Neill
Fri May 27 13:07:49 EDT 2005

Donna Halper wrote:

> So what is the reason why his show seems to be growing in popularity, 
> and what does that say about what the public wants?
I think it's about anger.  There is a lot of anger out there in 
radio-land, frustration, hopelessness, the potential for malaise, among 
a lot of people of all leanings. Savage's right wing views are less of a 
factor than that of his demeanor.  Also, he's aurally noticeable amongst 
the din of talk sounds. I am not talking content on this point - it's 
his 'caricature of himself' presentation and his bloviating stylings. 

How the meters move, noises the taxi cab speakers make when he's on, 
etc.  Also, even his name, Savage, evokes something deep from within. 

As for growth curve in numbers, he is probably the guy people have 
actually listened to but never admitted it until now, now that his 
novelty may be waning. 

That leads to the next stage - it's possible that the show is reaching 
critical mass-appeal and will have new challenges to face as a result.

Bill O'Neill

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