could someone explain this to me?

Donna Halper
Fri May 27 04:29:41 EDT 2005

Radio Business Report notes big gains for the Michael Savage show:  "Talk 
Radio Network's The Michael Savage Show showed strong ratings in the Winter 
Book.... At WOR-AM NY, Savage leads the station with a 3.5 share 12+ in 
"The Big Apple" and a 2.2 share 25/54, 3.2 share 35/64 demo's. At KRLA-AM 
LA, Savage saw significant Winter rating increases, 60% in 25/54, 38% in 
35/64, and 33% in the 12+ demo. In Boston at WRKO Savage's Winter 12+ demo 
increased 28% to a 5.5 share, the 25/54 demo was up 59% to a 4.3 share and 
the 35/64 demo was up 50% to a 6.0 share. KDWN-AM Las Vegas saw Savage up 
70% in 12+ to a 4.6 share, up 167% in 25/54 to a 5.6 share, and up 192% in 
35/64 to a 7.6 share. WHAM-AM Rochester, NY scored a very hefty 19 share 
35/64 and an equally impressive 15 share 25/54."

My question is not so much about whether any of you agree or disagree with 
Michael Savage.  It's more about radio programming, and airing a show that 
features what, in my opinion, are some rather hateful rants. Savage is 
certainly the most controversial of all the right wing talk hosts, which in 
and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing-- controversy can attract 
listeners.  But what worries me is that he says some of the most bigoted 
things I have ever heard.  So what is the reason why his show seems to be 
growing in popularity, and what does that say about what the public wants? 

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