could someone explain this to me?

Donna Halper
Fri May 27 18:31:52 EDT 2005

>Steve wrote--
>But Donna, just about all speech is supposed to be protected under the 
>Constitution.  If the Leftists on AAR can air a skit featuring someone 
>shooting President Bush (one thing that really IS illegal speech),

Umm, that's what happens when you get your news from Matt Drudge-- the skit 
was NOT about shooting president Bush.  It was about gun control.  He wrote 
on his site that Randi Rhodes said Bush should be shot, which she didn't 
say, but in our tabloid culture, that was enough to get all of the right 
wing media off on a rant over something didn't happen.  Now, that having 
been said, I have absolutely heard some rants on Air America and on 
Democracy Radio.  But let's not blame Randi for something she didn't do.  

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