1270 WLAW CP?

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Fri May 13 21:12:31 EDT 2005

>it was said--
>The issue there, again, is that pesky window question for major changes. 
>WADK's app to add night power on 1540 is considered a minor change and can 
>be filed at any time. A move from 1540 to 1270 would be a major change, 
>and could only be filed during a window.

Having consulted WADK, the other issue is how long they've been at 1540-- 
nearly 50 years, if my math is correct.  And with their audience being 
older and very conservative, I believe ownership has been reticent to make 
any drastic changes in frequency.  But the move that made no sense to me 
was made a few years ago when their FM, then called WOTB, which was at 
100.3 and nearly reached Providence with a decent signal, moved to 99.3 and 
now barely gets into Providence, although the station is really strong in 
parts of Connecticut.  But I thought with a jazz format, aiming your signal 
at Providence would be a good idea, but alas, nobody asked me...

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