1270 WLAW CP?

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Fri May 13 18:12:47 EDT 2005

>When the CP for 1270 in Dahtmouth was withdrawn, I posted a
>suggestion that WADK 1540-AM in Newport, RI should consider
>amending the particulars to suit a transmitter a bit farther
>south of Greater New Bedford.  WADK was going through the
>labors of Hercules to try to go fulltime at 1540 with no luck,
>and here was this frequency "up for grabs" it seemed to
>me.  Mr. Strassberg disagreed.

The issue there, again, is that pesky window question for major changes. 
WADK's app to add night power on 1540 is considered a minor change and can 
be filed at any time. A move from 1540 to 1270 would be a major change, and 
could only be filed during a window.

The big problem, I think, with moving WADK to 1270 would be 1290 in 
Providence. Class B stations 20 kHz apart, as WADK on 1270 and WRNI on 1290 
would be, cannot have overlapping 5 mV/m contours. That's not a problem 
with 1270 in Dartmouth, since WRNI's signal doesn't go in that direction. 
But thanks to the conductivity over Narragansett Bay, WRNI's 5 mV/m contour 
shoots right down the water and covers much of Newport, including the WADK 
transmitter site. So Dan's right on this one.

The frequency that DOES work in Newport is 1370 - and indeed, the window 
included at least one application for a new 1370 that would more or less 
revive the facilities of the now-defunct WKFD Wickford.


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