WNSH/WPEP - why a power increase?

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Fri May 13 20:01:14 EDT 2005

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radiojunkie3@yahoo.com writes:
I'll be honest in asking, WHY would Willow Farm want 
to put a 50,000 watt signal that "feeds the fishies"
and very little else?  The electric bill will be
staggering for the amount of potential listenership
gain (if any).  The night time signal will still be
what it is now.  Only the applicant knows for sure.
My guess is that there is an additional reason that no one has thought of 
yet.  Maybe the calls will change to WNVA, WNOV, etc...and serve the western 
shores of Nova Scotia. It's been done before...  (WTOR, north of Buffalo).   Maybe 
Keating Wilcox is from, or family is from that area.  There is no AM station 
anywhere left on the western part of Nova Scotia.  But maybe not, the economy 
is lagging (being kind) up there, so it certainly would not be a financial 
success.  Well at least, WNSH-1570 would be heard well in every little gift shop 
from Salem to Rockport, even ones inside buildings built the radio-unfriendly 
---Bob Bittner 

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