WNSH/WPEP - why a power increase?

Sandra sgitschier@cfl.rr.com
Mon May 16 09:35:07 EDT 2005

The only reason I haven't seen yet for taking 1570 WNSH to 50kw on the list 
(unless I missed a post) is: For the station's resale value. WNSH is worth 
$X currently, and $Y with even just a 50kw construction permit. I could be 
wrong... Enticing for leased programming folks - who don't know better, that 
they were going on a 50kw station.  Example: RJM Communications (now folded 
/ principal passed away due to health problems) bought then-5kw 1570 WYHI 
(now WVOJ) Fernandina Beach, FL for just $225k (assets, real estate, 
license). They bumped it up to 10kw days under a minor modification. Then 
applied to move the COL closer to Jacksonville, FL - Orange Park, and bumped 
up to 50kw days, 3.3kw nights.  With the 50kw CP there were lots of suitors 
with bigger $ wanting to get thier hands on the station. Due to health 
problems (stroke, etc) Mr. Morrison's CP had lapsed.  Station sold off 
before his death for $330k.  Station is under contract now, packaged with 
970 WNNR Jacksonville (1kw/167w) for 2.1 million!

Ron Gitschier
Palm Coast, FL

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> I'll be honest in asking, WHY would Willow Farm want
> to put a 50,000 watt signal that "feeds the fishies"
> and very little else?  The electric bill will be
> staggering for the amount of potential listenership
> gain (if any).  The night time signal will still be
> what it is now.  Only the applicant knows for sure.
> My guess is that there is an additional reason that no one has thought of
> yet.  Maybe the calls will change to WNVA, WNOV, etc...and serve the 
> western
> shores of Nova Scotia. It's been done before...  (WTOR, north of Buffalo). 
> Maybe
> Keating Wilcox is from, or family is from that area.  There is no AM 
> station
> anywhere left on the western part of Nova Scotia.  But maybe not, the 
> economy
> is lagging (being kind) up there, so it certainly would not be a financial
> success.  Well at least, WNSH-1570 would be heard well in every little 
> gift shop
> from Salem to Rockport, even ones inside buildings built the 
> radio-unfriendly
> materials.
> ---Bob Bittner

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