SteveOrdinetz hykker@grolen.com
Fri May 13 07:58:59 EDT 2005

Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> >
> > "People in Taunton" don't hold the WPEP license. Anastos Broadcasting
>Taunton community leaders and oficials (Mayor, etc), could make a case for
>consideration, due to the fact that two "out of town" operators negotiated
>to take away their radio service.

How much "radio service" did WPEP provide in the first place?  IIRC, it was 
mostly second-tier satellite talk.  It's not like Taunton has fallen into 
some black hole where there's nothing on the radio anymore.  If the 
"community leaders & officials (mayor, etc.)" were all that concerned, why 
didn't they buy the station several owners ago?  Sounds more like political 
posturing to me.

> > "People in Taunton" had several opportunities to buy WPEP over the years.
>Did they?  My guess is the majority of Taunton didn't even know it was for
>sale.  (Never mind that it was part of a Beverly application to shut it

MY guess is that the "people in Taunton" didn't even know the station even 

>WSNE is an higher powered FM station which serves a much larger
>No amount of WSNE programming originates from Taunton.

And very little of WPEP's does either.

My point here is that many of these stations have long since outlived their 
usefulness.  How many people missed WSMN when it went dark?  While it's 
nice to be nostalgic for the days when people flocked to their "local" 
station simply because it was the local station are long gone.  Just 
because the station was a valued part of the community 30 years ago doesn't 
mean it remains so today. 

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