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WPEP's GM has stated (for whatever it's worth) that WPEP will not go dark
but will move to a new frequency. The only frequencies that MIGHT be open
are in ex-band. Not far from Taunton are two ex-band allocations that were
never built. (No CPs were ever granted, AFAIK.) I'm referring to the
application of what was then WTRY 980 in Troy NY to move to--was it 1690?
and the application of what was then--I think--WWNH 930 in Rochester NH to
move to 1700. Although either of these allocations could probably be moved
to Taunton without causing much more or less interference than it would have
caused in its original location, does either one work given the very strict
spacing requirements the FCC has established for ex-band?

Beverly is closer to Rochester NH than Taunton is. Hmmm. If indeed the FCC
were willing to move the Rochester NH allocation, would Keating have done
better by letting WPEP stay put on 1570 and moving WNSH to 1700? With 10
kW-ND-D and a clear salt-water shot from Endicott College to Boston, WNSH
could have served a lot of the City of Boston during daylight hours. Maybe
the idea is to get 1700 allocated to Taunton and THEN apply for a
Taunton/Beverly frequency swap. Ya think?

If it weren't for an application filed during the AM filing window for 1580
in Cordaville MA (really a neighborhood in Framingham), WPEP might be able
to move to 1580--although such a move would probably not work with WARV. I
doubt whether Cordaville will be granted, much less built, because
Cordaville doesn't fulfill the requirements for an independent community and
Framingham already has two full-time commercial stations: WKOX and WROR
(plus the non-comm at Framingham State). Still, I don't believe that the FCC
has yet denied the Cordaville app.

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> At 03:42 PM 5/11/2005 -0400, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> >Does anyone know the "deal" that WNSH struck with WPEP to get them to
> >"surrender it's license"?
> >
> >Just curious as to 'what it would take'  to  'get that done'....
> I don't know that the agreement itself is part of the public record; it's
> not filed with the WNSH application, although there is a paragraph in the
> application that reads as follows:
> "The licensee of standard broadcast station WPEP, 1570 kHz, Taunton,
> Massachusetts
> (Facility Id 61601) has entered into an agreement with Willow Farm which
> conditionally provides
> for the surrender of the WPEP license prior to the commencement of
> operation by Willow Farm of
> the facilities requested herein."
> Keep in mind that Willow Farm - Keating's company - used to own WPEP as
> well, and it's not unreasonable to think that the sale of WPEP to Anastos
> may have come with some sort of informal agreement down the road to make
> the WNSH upgrade possible. There's nothing about it in the asset purchase
> agreement filed with the WPEP sale back in 2001.
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