Red Sox game stream

Sid Schweiger
Sun May 1 20:02:48 EDT 2005

>>Whenever I've been logging onto and trying to listen to the
Red Sox
audio stream, I've noticed the stream drops out a lot -- for 2-3 seconds
at a
time, causing me to miss entire pitches/plays. This is the ONLY network
I've had a problem with all year. Usually I end up just listening to the
opposing team's feed, it's that annoying.

I've occasionally noticed this on WEEI's live stream, too. Is there
anyone at
Entercom that might be able to explain what the deal is?<<

We have contacted MLB's streaming people about this after multiple
complaints from listeners.  It appears they are using some sort of noise
gate which is incorrectly set.  Unfortunately this is something we
cannot fix ourselves, as the feed from the ballparks to goes
direct to them, without coming to the originating station first, so we
have no control over it.

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