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Joseph Pappalardo
Sun Mar 20 02:12:25 EST 2005

From: "A. Joseph Ross"

> Of course they don't.  And Fox News says it's "fair and balanced."  The
right in this country
> are trying to present their opinions as facts and themselves as the only
> mainstream point of view.

After suffering so many years of the dems/lefties dpresenting themselves in
the very same the "mainstream" point of view.

I remember the days of talkradio being filled with liberals, and wondered
why they spoke about their perspective like it was the "only rationale one"
and as if they were mainstream.  Manella, Larry King, Benzaquin, Glick, etc.

All politics is cyclical.  I remember they went after Nancy Reagan (Nancy's
China, astrology, 'Just Say No")...and some cried "unfair".

Then they did the same thing to Hillary (Co-president, health care dabbling,
etc) and the other side said "unfair".

So, much for wives being 'off-limits'.

The Republicans were crying for a 'line item veto' when they were in the
minority, and now they are not too interested in it now that they are in the

And now we have heard Democrats saying it's time for the 'line item veto'.

I figure we can't complain about the "other" party, when "our" party does
the same things.

Th repubs use to say that the Dems were "scaring the country about Medicare
and SS", now we have Bush "Scaring the country about SS".

I know what you mean about being "politicked out".....especially when we see
the same things happening with both parties.

(Only it looks more correct when it's "our" party.)

> You mean like Hanity and Colmes on Fox News, where Colmes is the token
liberal, who
> mostly sits quietly and rarely, if ever,  contradicts Hanity?

Gee, they put a liberal on, and you don't even like that!  ;-)  Just can't
keep you guys happy!  ;-)

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