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A. Joseph Ross
Sat Mar 19 23:47:53 EST 2005

On 19 Mar 2005 at 9:54, Daniel Billings wrote:

> My point was I am  not aware of talk stations that promote themselves
> as only have hosts from a right or conservative or Republican point of
> view. 

Of course they don't.  And Fox News says it's "fair and balanced."  The right in this country 
are trying to present their opinions as facts and themselves as the only legitimate 
mainstream point of view. Stations which are all right-wing talk don't promote themselves as 

There are plenty of stations that have hosts that are primarily
> from a right of center point of view but they usually have other shows
> that do not fit that profile.  For example,. in Portland, the most
> successful talk station is WGAN.  They carry Rush, Howie Carr, and
> Bill O'Reilly but they also have a liberal co-host of the morning show
> and a liberal local host on Saturday, 

You mean like Hanity and Colmes on Fox News, where Colmes is the token liberal, who 
mostly sits quietly and rarely, if ever,  contradicts Hanity?

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