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A. Joseph Ross
Sun Mar 20 23:44:44 EST 2005

On 20 Mar 2005 at 2:12, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> The Republicans were crying for a 'line item veto' when they were in
> the minority, and now they are not too interested in it now that they
> are in the majority.
> And now we have heard Democrats saying it's time for the 'line item
> veto'.

As a matter of fact, many Democrats were in favor of a line item veto, and Clinton was one of 
them.  Trouble is, they didn't have the votes to make it a constitutional amendment, and 
when they tried to do it by legislation, it was thrown out by the courts.  I think a line item 
veto, which most governors have, is a good idea.
> I figure we can't complain about the "other" party, when "our" party
> does the same things.

Agreed.  So does this mean you agree that the Republicans should shut up about the 
Democrats' blocking of a few of Bush's judicial appointments, since they blocked so many 
more of Clintons?
> Gee, they put a liberal on, and you don't even like that!  ;-)  Just
> can't keep you guys happy!  ;-)

If Colmes acted like more than a stooge for Hanity, I might be happier.

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