True radio geek dream

Bill O'Neill
Wed Mar 16 15:41:12 EST 2005 wrote:

>yes, you are old enough to have played records on the radio.  our entire playlist, except for currents/recurrents at WIDE was vinyl.  matter of fact, the format used to be known as "round with a hole in the middle of it"  (if it was round and hole in the middle, WIDE used to play it)
>- -Chuck Igo
My brain is mushed such that DOHs! real and imagined are blended 
together better than a well-built margarita.  I guess the worst (dream, 
I assume) was I was at a live remote and looked around and found that 
the entire convention center was dark, empty, closed down, and it all 
happened in the course of one 3:42 favorite.  I could always close a room.

Bill (Hello?) O'Neill

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