Rex Trailer's Boomtown

Gary's Ice Cream
Sat Jun 18 23:21:53 EDT 2005

It was Santas Village on Rt 114 in Middleton - long since gone!

-Gary Francis


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> I'm just sitting in front of the tv in what I can best desribe as 
> "Nostalgia Overload" having just watched the "Rex Trailer's Boomtown" 
> special on Channel 4.
> Memories that have been stored for 40 years have all come flooding 
> back.

I had a chance to see that this afternoon.  Very cool to see how there were
local kids programming then.  I have seen some of the local kids stuff that
Portland stations kick out.  It's not bad, but with all the other options
available to kids on a Saturday morning I cannot imagine viewership is all
that large.

  I was surpised to see they(Boomtown) did a show/appearance at Santa's
Village in Jefferson NH. 
Has WBZ ever been viewable in that part of NH?  Or was it done on the
assumption that viewers would go there to see Rex and crew?  I assume these
were appearances that were actually sold to Santa's Village?

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