Is the Boston Herald replacing Dean Johnson?

Laurence Glavin
Fri Jun 17 17:24:23 EDT 2005

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>Subject: Re: Is the Boston Herald replacing Dean Johnson?
>Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 20:38:03 -0400
> Was there a connection between Dean's non-renewal and his ability 
> to report on the media?  One could easily note that, as a radio 
> reporter, Dean seemed knowledgable about stations in the rock 
> world.  When it came to observations or comments about stations in 
> the mainstream Pop world, however, he often appeared to be out of 
> his element.
> A similar lack of knowledge about popular mainstream formats 
> appears on a regular basis on this list.  How often have we read 
> disparaging or clueless comments about a #1 station authored by 
> someone who never bothers to listen to that station?
Oooo...Mr. Kelley is getting a little touchy again!  This "#1"
station to which he refers must be the vertical-finger-under-the-nose
(to designate the command "shhhh") outlet he commands.  I once commented
about my enforced exposure to WMJX at a car dealership and the 
NH State liquor store in Salem and the unendurable misery of same;  I
didn't have to sample it over and over again to come to any conclusion
about the vapidness of this particular soft-rock outlet.  I also had
occasional unwanted exposure to the former WSSH-FM 99.5 before it was
gobbled up by G.M.  WSSH-FM's antenna location smack in the middle
of the Merrimack Valley caused it to be played in many places from Southern
NH to Rockport, Mass.  Between the two of them, I developed a pretty 
good idea how such a station sounds.  I don't listen to WCRB either,except
for the Boston Symphony broadcasts, but I can peruse their playlist
on the Internet or see the, um, highlights in the Globe's radio-tv
page, so i know Super Mario is still on the job.
Here's something odd:  WMJX indeed is among the highest-rated
stations playing recorded material, but in spite of Mr. Kelley's
remark above,  not many people have a strong feeling about it,
comparatively few people here or at offer
opinions one way or the other, and the press ignores it except for
a public affairs show when few are listening.  But at both 
sites, an also-ran that barely qualifies as an also-ran like
WWZN-AM is the constant subject of postings.  The switch to "Mike"
probably occasioned more comments in a few weeks than anybody
ever cared to post about WMJX in a year!  

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