WXKS-AM At Low Power; Are They Installing WILD Transmitter?

Ed Hennessy n1pba@juno.com
Sat Jul 30 08:45:39 EDT 2005

I live near the WXKS and WILD (and WEZE) towers.  Neither has any signs
of construction activity the last time I went by both (Thursday afternoon

The WILD stick is still sitting there, now much more out in the open
since "Telecom City" cleared most of the buildings out of the way between
the transmitter and antenna and Commercial Street.  No activity back in
by the stick, and the road has been finished since the spring now.

WXKS-AM looks to have recently (in the last few months) painted their
tower white, but I didn't see it happening, nor has there been anything
unusual at that site lately (well, some roadwork in parts of Wellington T
Station, but nothing over at WXKS...).

I'm WAY too close to see if there's any difference in CH signal at all,
though I'd be able to tell you whether they're off the air altogether...

Ed Hennessy

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 14:28:17 -0500 "Laurence Glavin" <lglavin@lycos.com>
> Today (07/23)
> I noticed that AM 1430 was very weak and subject to interference 
> probably from AM 1430 in Amherst.  No problem...I just flipped to
> WKOX.  But then it occurred to me that perhaps they were 
> installing the WILD-AM transmitter at the 99 Revere Beach Highway
> site that will be its new home.  When lower gas prices
> prevailed, I would have though nothing of driving down route 93
> and viewing the WXKS property to observe if there was mucho 
> activity around the towers.  Now, not so much. People closer to 
> Medford may want to check out whether WILD's CH signal seems 
> stronger.

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