WSMN Sold And Expected Back On The Air Soon

Sat Jul 2 13:58:05 EDT 2005

I can say from the WKXL perspective, that we have seen an increase in
interest in the station and the community since we dumped almost all of our
syndicated programming and replace it with seven hours of local news, local
volunteer guest hosts talking about everything from health to senior issues
to films to financial issues. Listeners and calling in, sending ideas for
stories and guests, telling other folks about the station, and have
increased availability and awareness about the station. We are slowly
starting to chip away at the "audio alcohol" on the airwaves and giving
people the quality they have always talked about wanting. Listeners don't
have to be yelled at or talked down to; they now have a choice. Will we be
tops in our market like WBZ? Probably not; but we are striving to be. Will
WSMN become the number station in its market? Probably not; but if they
strive to be ... As well, if Monahan and the people he hires to take this
radio station take a similar tact as we have at WKXL, they will probably
find open arms from local government, local business, arts and restaurants,
as well as the listeners. I know we have. Nashua is a bigger city with even
more opportunities for sharing information. I am sure that they will

Anthony Schinella
Program Director/News/A&E
WKXL 1450 AM/Concord, NH

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Of course, the big challenge is getting anyone to listen.  Neither 900 nor
1590 have much of a track record in that dept. over the years despite
numerous attempts on both frequencies to do "local" radio.  I doubt that 5%
of the population in the area even knows the station(s) exist.  I assume
"Bargain Box" is another trading post/swapshop-type show?  Now there's an
audience magnet!

While I'm as sad as anyone on this list to see any station go away, the
realist in me recognizes that it's a tough go for a signal-challenged AM
these days...even one with a heritage of being consistent and doing it
reasonably "right"...something neither of these stations has.  I wish Mr. 
Monahan luck...he'll need it!

At 09:58 PM 7/1/2005, radiotony wrote:
>This is great news not only for radio but for the community.
>Anthony Schinella
>Program Director/News/A&E
>WKXL 1450 AM/Concord, NH
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>    Today's (7/1) Nashua NH Telegraph reports that WSMN (1590 Nashua) 
>has been sold by current owners WSMN Broadcasting LLC to Absolute 
>Broadcasting, who also own WSNH (900 Nashua). Thomas Monahan, head of 
>Absolute Broadcasting, sais he pursued the sale to keep WSMN from being 
>sold to a national company.
>    WSMN has been dark since Jan. 31 after the W.Hollis St. property 
>that the studios and towers were located was sold to developers 
>planning to build housing on the land. Monahan hopes to have WSMN on 
>the air again by Aug.15th. from a temporary transmitter site while 
>looking for a permanent site, and plans to have a mix of local news, 
>talk, music and the return of one of WSMN's staples, "Bargain Box".
>    Here's a link to the Telegraph article on their web site:
>Mark Watson
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