WSMN Sold And Expected Back On The Air Soon

Sat Jul 2 08:23:07 EDT 2005

Of course, the big challenge is getting anyone to listen.  Neither 900 nor 
1590 have much of a track record in that dept. over the years despite 
numerous attempts on both frequencies to do "local" radio.  I doubt that 5% 
of the population in the area even knows the station(s) exist.  I assume 
"Bargain Box" is another trading post/swapshop-type show?  Now there's an 
audience magnet!

While I'm as sad as anyone on this list to see any station go away, the 
realist in me recognizes that it's a tough go for a signal-challenged AM 
these days...even one with a heritage of being consistent and doing it 
reasonably "right"...something neither of these stations has.  I wish Mr. 
Monahan luck...he'll need it!

At 09:58 PM 7/1/2005, radiotony wrote:
>This is great news not only for radio but for the community.
>Anthony Schinella
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>    Today's (7/1) Nashua NH Telegraph reports that WSMN (1590 Nashua) has
>been sold by current owners WSMN Broadcasting LLC to Absolute Broadcasting,
>who also own WSNH (900 Nashua). Thomas Monahan, head of Absolute
>Broadcasting, sais he pursued the sale to keep WSMN from being sold to a
>national company.
>    WSMN has been dark since Jan. 31 after the W.Hollis St. property that the
>studios and towers were located was sold to developers planning to build
>housing on the land. Monahan hopes to have WSMN on the air again by
>Aug.15th. from a temporary transmitter site while looking for a permanent
>site, and plans to have a mix of local news, talk, music and the return of
>one of WSMN's staples, "Bargain Box".
>    Here's a link to the Telegraph article on their web site:
>Mark Watson
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