WSMN Sold And Expected Back On The Air Soon

Dan Strassberg
Fri Jul 1 22:51:00 EDT 2005

I can believe that he will get the low-power nondirectional operation going,
but I think the chances of his getting a full-power operation back on the
air are slim to none. I'm assuming that he paid little enough that if all he
can get is a permit to run at low power on 1590, he won't have overpaid. If
the price was based on the idea that he can get a full-power directional
operation back on the air, he wasted his money. Maybe he believes that he
can get an authorization to move the unused ex-band allocation on 1700 from
Rochester to Nashua. If the FCC were amenable, that could work because it
could be done with one relatively short stick. In fact, the 900 tower would
likely be ideal.

Dan Strassberg,
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> This is great news not only for radio but for the community.
> Best,
> Anthony Schinella
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>    Today's (7/1) Nashua NH Telegraph reports that WSMN (1590 Nashua) has
> been sold by current owners WSMN Broadcasting LLC to Absolute
> who also own WSNH (900 Nashua). Thomas Monahan, head of Absolute
> Broadcasting, sais he pursued the sale to keep WSMN from being sold to a
> national company.
>    WSMN has been dark since Jan. 31 after the W.Hollis St. property that
> studios and towers were located was sold to developers planning to build
> housing on the land. Monahan hopes to have WSMN on the air again by
> Aug.15th. from a temporary transmitter site while looking for a permanent
> site, and plans to have a mix of local news, talk, music and the return of
> one of WSMN's staples, "Bargain Box".
>    Here's a link to the Telegraph article on their web site:
> 107010019/-1/nashua
> Mark Watson

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