Attention Salem...

Scott Fybush
Wed Jan 19 00:26:41 EST 2005

>Salem is a national Christian company which runs either religious
>formats (such as on their 590 WEZE and 950 WROL), or conservative
>political talk stations couched in pseudo-religious platitudes, such
>as their WTTT 1150.
>I remember the old WCOP as being Top 40 and then Country. I doubt
>Salem would have any interest in either of those for 1150.

All that being true...the fact remains that Salem has, for whatever reason, 
a passion for restoring historic callsigns to its AM stations whenever 
possible (and getting close where it can't do better, such as installing 
KKOL on the 1300 Seattle that was once KOL.)

So it's not at all out of the question that they'd want to replace a 
meaningless call such as WTTT with a heritage call like WCOP - and believe 
me, for them the $55 filing fee is a drop in the bucket.


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