Air America's Impact Hard To Read

Laurence Glavin
Tue Jan 18 18:16:18 EST 2005

Well, the Fall Arbitrons for Boston are out, and one question
many are asking:  how's Air America doing?  Well, the WXKS-AM
half saw a noticeable decline over the Oct-Nov-Dec period,
buy WKOX-AM moved up.  Arbitron isn't doing its job:  it
correctly describes WKOX as "talk", but lists WXKS-AM as 
"standards".  And their usual practice is to combine
simulcasts as one station.   AM 1430 and 1200 are listed
separately.  In a week, the two outlets will add over an
hour of broadcast time in key dayparts wherein they'll be
utilizing more favorable transmitting elements.  It will be
interesting to see how they do once DST arrives.
Also on the talk front, WTKK-FM moved ahead of WRKO-AM
in the 12-and-over number.  A lot of that must be Jay
Severin-driven.  I like Imus occasionally, but I'll
bet he's not getting 96.9 big numbers, and someone at is complaining about Barnicle
continuing to "mail it in", even playing oldies, as if
Boston didn't have enough oldies signals already!

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