Nashua Telegraph writer on Nashua Radio

Bill O'Neill
Fri Jan 14 07:14:01 EST 2005

>I remember when a scanner had nothing to do with a computer, but I also
>remember when local radio meant local radio!
You are not alone in that.  Commitment to the local community is the one 
thing that a local signal can do more easily tban a regional one. 
Regionals used to work the challenge of "being local" with size meaning 
that to serve a larger community meant to try to remain relevant to 
local listener communities within the market.  (Remember live remotes? 
The occasional local news story, even if it was a kicker?)  With 
niche-everything in aural broadcast entertainment, it remains unclear as 
to why local signals choose not to seize the opportunity to define what 
is local and then provide a service to that niche.  Seizing on new 
technologies for being lots of places at the same time in a local should 
be S.O.P.

Bill O'Neill

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